Brand New

i love this holy fuck



Brand New

i love this holy fuck

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my grandma named our internet explorer Adam



He’s smooth like crunchy peanut butter.

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Louis CK on our culture on dating


'Ugh, I hope this one's nice'

I may or may not have referenced this joke when making a point today. 

Fanfic for Cam and Matt

It was a cold night in New York and Cameron and Matt had been snuggling together to keep warm in Matts bed. They had been friends for a while now an this was not an unusual occurrence. Matt would never admit it, but he had liked Cam ever since they had first met. And Cam would say he didn’t feel the same about Matt, but they both knew they had a special thing going on. And while cuddling in bed and scrolling through his dashboard, Matt got incredibly horny and was dying for some action with Cam. Unaware of any of this, Cam continued jamming out to The 1975’s on the opposite side of the bed. While slowly moving closer to Cam, Matt started stroking Cameron’s thigh and sensing what what going on, Cam knew this was his chance. He leaned in and kissed Matt passionately. Matt returned the kiss and shoving his laptop aside, he straddled Cam and pulled away from the kiss. Cam gave Matt a questioning look as Matt smirked and moved down cams body and started tugging off his pants. Cam grinned and laid back to enjoy the moment. Matt got Cams pants and briefs off and started sucking his dick, which was better than Matt had imagined it. Matt went up and down with such grace that Cam got hard and Matt smiled with pleasure. Matt stopped sucking to teasingly lick Cam’s balls and then move up his dick with a few licks here and there before he had Cam flip onto his stomach and Matt climbed onto his back and stuck his dick inside Cameron. He went in and out as Cam commanded: harder!, Faster!, Slower!, etc. this went on for two more hours. Having had made up all the time they hid their love for each other, they both were satisfied. They were lying in Matts bed bet Cam mustered up the courage to say, “I love you Matt.” And Matt immediately said “I love you too Cam.”


how does a long distance relationship work i cant be more than two yards from my refrigerator without crying you’re very patient people im praying 4 u



things that are way harder than they should be:

  • spreading cold butter on soft bread
  • getting a good education
  • sacrificing a child for the glory of our lord satan in public
  • loving whoever you want
  • getting asked to go on a date i mean seriously damn

one of these things is not like the others

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